Naworth Castle

The medieval castle of Naworth lies close to the Scottish borders in Cumbria, just 3 miles from the small town of Brampton, and 12 miles from Carlisle. The castle dates back to the reign of Edward III in 1335, when a licence to crenellate, or build battlements, was granted at this time to the Dacre family. Advantageous marriages, along with victory in the Battle of Flodden, helped increase the Dacre’s wealth and estates, enabling them to extend Naworth Castle.

Eventually Naworth passed into the hands of the Howard Family, a family with a colourful past, which included land seizures, executions, and refusals to revoke the catholic faith. The latter resulted in several members of the family spending time in the Tower of London.

The castles fate wasn’t a happy one, as it was abandoned in favour of Castle Howard in Yorkshire, and suffered a fire in 1844, which destroyed virtually the entire castle. Rebuilding began in the 1850’s with Victorian architect Anthony Salvin at the helm for much of the project, while the 9th Earl of Carlisle, George Howard, and his friend Philip Webb, also helped restore the castle to its former glory.

Today the castle estate is owned and run by Philip and Elizabeth Howard, who have made their home a prime location for events. They offer private tours to visitors, who can also stay at the castle, outdoor pursuits, corporate events such as product launches and conferences, and the castle has also been used as a filming location. It has appeared in a production of Jane Eyre, a Catherine Cookson Drama, a Walt Disney film, and various documentaries filmed in the area, including one on the Red Squirrel.

Naworth Castle is a castle run with a modern business ethic, while never forgetting the interesting history, authentic features, preserved gardens and estate, and country pursuits that have made it what it is.

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